Ferdinand Processing, Inc.

812-367-2073 pgogel3@gmail.com Website 1182 E 5th Street, Ferdinand, IN 47532

Ferdinand Processing is family-owned by Paul and Paula Gogel. They have a retail store and custom & venison processing, they also have a Catering Service, FP Meats & Catering, and they are a Liberty Safe Dealer, and they carry Case XX Knives. If you have never been to Ferdinand Processing, please stop in. Meet us and see all the different products we have to offer. You may call in or email to place orders for meat, seasonings, custom processing, catering, and more.

Paul and Paula have three daughters; Megan and twins, Amber and Amanda, three son-in-laws, Joe, Adam and Brent, along with seven grandchildren, Brenton, Brayton, Nora, Vivian, Sebastian, Adam Gregory Jr. (AJ) & Delphine (Della). After several years of commuting from Jasper to Ferdinand, Paul and Paula decided to move to Ferdinand in 1995 to be closer to the business so they could spend more time with their girls.

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