Stay Brewed

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There was a first time you tried coffee…

For Craig, owner and roaster of Stay Brewed, his first coffee memory is with his grandfather, Lawrence. A moment spent with a man he loved and respected accented by the glorious aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. From there bloomed a love for coffee that carried him through his life whether it was adventures with his wife, Lori, and their seven daughters, working as a carpenter or firing rounds downrange as an instructor at his firearms safety school.

But the characteristics Lawrence and his wife, Lillian, exemplified in his life are what truly shaped Craig. Lawrence worked nights as an engineer at a nearby aluminum smelting plant and spent days working the family farm. Lillian was a homemaker raising five children. His grandparents valued hard work and family.

That steady work ethic formed in Craig a true respect for those who work hard with energy, devotion and diligence.

Craig and Lori exemplify this ethos in their own lives and impart it upon their daughters. It’s an ethos that echoes through the hills of the small community where they live.

With an eye towards the industrious work ethic of the tradesmen, farmers, factory workers and craftsmen in the beautiful area of Indiana where they reside and a heart for family, service to others and a sense of adventure, Craig and Lori’s coffee beans empower anyone taking on the quiet pursuit of industrious lives to “Stay Brewed.”

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