With a team of professionals with over 47 years of Human Resources management experience in various industries, Strategic HR Solutions, LLC wants to help businesses make their human resources simple! Every business needs someone to manage hiring, training, salaries, and employee retention. Whether you sell products or services, Strategic HR Solutions, LLC can help your company identify and meet your human resources goals and objectives.

Strategic HR Solutions, LLC has been certified by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), which allows us to work closely with federal and government entities to help them meet their human resources goals and objectives.

We are also a seasoned member of the Society for Human Resources Management, which puts us in contact with over 2000 human resources professionals across the United States.

Strategic HR Solutions, LLC is a human resources consulting and training company that services both for profit and non-for-profit organizations of all sizes. We primarily focus our attention on small to medium-sized businesses that either do not have a human resources department or who have an entry-level or junior-level HR professional, accounting manager, CFO, etc. who are completing the organizations HR-related tasks.

We assist these organizations with the day-to-day HR tasks from setting up an HR infrastructure within their organization through those one time projects that need to be completed.

Our services include assisting organizations with their HR-related challenges to include: employee relations, employee handbooks, HR compliance, compensation, performance management and training and development. We also assist larger organizations with their one time projects in these same areas when their current HR staff may not have the time or expertise to complete them.

Our primary focus is always on collaborating with organizations to attract, motivate, retrain and retain their biggest asset, employees. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see how we may be able to assist with your HR-related needs.

Our goal with all clients is to build a long-term trusting relationship. With this in mind, our services are priced according to the needs of the organization and the time commitment on behalf of Strategic HR Solutions.

We will accommodate clients with hourly rates, monthly retainer fees and/or project rates. As mentioned in our company’s mission statement, while engaged with an organization, our focus is to find solutions that improve the businesses’ internal HR-related practices while increasing results at the same time!

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