Vision Development Center

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The Vision Development Center is a leading provider of vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville. Led by Dr. Joan Bauernfiend their services are focused on developmental optometry and vision therapy. Learn how they can help you improve your vision with surgery-free vision correction.

Vision Therapy Services in Evansville & Jasper, IN
Vision therapy in Jasper and Evansville, IN offers a holistic and natural approach to developmental optometry. Using this approach can help your eyes retrain and refocus using various development-based activities. This is a type of physical therapy for your eyes and brain, and it is easy to achieve drastic results. Whether you are a parent with a child struggling with learning disabilities connected to developmental vision issues, an adult still suffering with a poorly functioning visual system for many years or an athlete hoping to improve your game, vision therapy can help you. They work with patients of all ages using this drug-free and surgery-free approach to developmental optometry. Many times patients will still suffer from seeing double or have uncomfortable vision following a concussion or brain injury even after they’ve been cleared to return to work or school. These visual systems need help resetting and functioning more normally.

Your Optometrist for Kids and Developing Adults
The Vision Development Center is a preferred optometrist for kids thanks to the extensive developmental services we offer. Their primary services revolve around learning disabilities. As it stands children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities are more likely to also need developmental optometry. Vision therapy works for kids and adults alike, and it can change their lives by correcting their weak visual processing abilities that mimic a learning disability. The recommendation is 6 to 12 months of vision therapy including 45- to 50-minute sessions once to twice weekly. However, your therapy program will likely vary.