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Woods Printing Company is a family-owned and operated, commercial printing and mailing facility located in Southwestern Indiana. Since 1971, we have been the chosen printing partner for prominent manufacturers, non-profit agencies, furniture companies, small businesses, and universities throughout the region.

Our founder, Maurice C. Woods, started our company out of the basement of his home with no guarantees of success. However, Maurice knew the business was much more than just printing. It was about providing every customer with the highest level of service, quality, and respect, no matter their size.

Today, our original “home-based print shop” is a distant memory and the printing capabilities we now provide are of the highest standards and constantly improving. However, the one thing we are certain has not changed for over 45 years is our focus on you, our customer. We know just like every print project, there are no two customers alike. It’s this combination of quality printing and service that helps us get to the heart of your print campaign and truly bring your material to life.
Whatever your project calls for, we have the equipment, experience, and personalized service to take your project to the next level. Just one look through our capabilities will show why we are “The Brand Behind The Brand.”
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